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Bloomberg Utilization

How Students are Using the Terminal

Students using the Taftali Center for research and presentations are granted access to 11 Bloomberg Terminals, 4 LCD screens displaying financial market data, and a large scrolling stock ticker that displays fund performance.As part of the BSU finance curriculum, students are required take the “Bloomberg Essentials” tests, which cover Equities, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, and Commodities while also testing knowledge about the terminal’s capabilities within Microsoft Excel. The result is a group of students with strong proficiency with the foremost financial platform in the world.

Comments From Students Regarding Their Experience with Bloomberg

“As a student, the experience we get while using Bloomberg is extremely valuable. The integration of Bloomberg into our studies gives us an opportunity to a more hands-on, real-life approach which better prepares us for a future in finance. Bloomberg coincides with the standard course material to help give us a better understanding of what we are learning.”
-Jenna Hague, BSU Finance Class of ’15

“After going through the recruitment processes for both internships and full-time jobs, I can’t overstate how important daily access to the Bloomberg terminal was for interacting with employers, gaining proficiency with the software, and strengthening my grasp on financial markets. I feel extremely lucky to have been given access to the tools that traders and analysts use in NYC and London.”
-Ray Leonard, BSU Finance Class of ’15